One Thing at a Time

I started 2020 with new decade, new me resolutions like everyone else.  True balance has always escaped me.  I get a lot done end am blessed to enjoy what I do, so the work/family/me & sleep deficits really hadn’t gotten to me until I added Charlie.  Now, I’ve been getting sinus/cold/flu ick all the stinking time.  I’m not sure if it’s the daycare snots, middle school snots from my teacher-daughter, or maybe, just maybe, I’m getting older and need to take better care of myself and slow down.  I started the year intentionally living my values and allowing myself time to do one thing at a time.  I’m reframing to ‘live deliberately’, our new Allegany County, NY tag line.

Standing by and squatting baby facing each other

Daycare germs?

I have an itch to be a regular part of Charlie’s life though he lives four hours away.  The drive is exclusively expressway, quite productive listening to podcasts, and the Grove City Outlets are on route.  My time there is split between caring for Charlie, tidying their home (embracing my inner Marie Kondo, earth mother, hippy ways) and doing extensive market research for the inn & pub by shopping, playing, and eating in Pittsburgh.  Somehow, this tremendously enjoyable time has tipped the scale of my health.  Since I returned from Italy in October, I feel like I’m either sick, tired, or both.  I know my CBFF and I hadn’t been to the gym or to yoga, and SD and I haven’t been walking together.  I have successfully made sleep a priority and have lost weight by making better food choices since the beginning of the year.  Even so, the ick remains.  I know the flu is a thing this year, but c’mon! 

Last week, I didn’t catch up on year end accounting and still don’t have all the Christmas decorations stored away.  I did one thing at a time and took some extra minutes to leave whatever I was doing in a slightly better way.  My desk is slightly more organized.  I moved my teas, oatmeal and smoothie stuff to make it easier to make good choices.  I brought a finite amount of work to accomplish while Shawn and I enjoy Charlie.  I hope to finish this blog and take a nap – what I really think is best for me right now.  I could finish countless other work or tidying things, take a shower, or do a yoga YouTube video.  But for now, I’m off to grab an hour nap before the prince awakes.  I hope to get some active minutes in tomorrow in a museum to help my body get its groove back.  I’m in hopes that these deliberate, small, choices will move me in a healthier direction.  If not, I’m absolutely enjoying the ride.

Peace and blessings,




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