Fake It ‘Til You Make It

February 21, 2021 

Issue two 2021

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

I’ll start with a Petri update.  She’s happy and comfortable.  We had a second local opinion who knows her well.  Shawn and I have decided not to attempt heroic surgery.  We enjoy pampering her, knowing we’re on borrowed time.  The shot attached is here, now.  We’ll never be ready for her passing, but we’re doing our very best.  She had the opportunity to meet our 4 month granddaughter and say good bye to the VA & PA kids.  Rough days filled with great memories & snuggles.

Man and dog sleeping by fireplace

Petri and Dad taking a Sunday snooze

My ‘fake it until you make it’ effort has helped me gain confidence, but nothing for my productivity.  I committed to weekly spa visits when Selah Spa & Massage opened on Main St. in Cuba.  (HIGHLY recommend) The hope was – weekly visits for toes, nails, and facials, plus taking time to get out of sweats and returning to the gym would launch me back into productivity. 

I had so much planned for our two week staycation.  It just hasn’t happened.  I’ve been telling the hubs I’m taking the Christmas tree (our first fake) down in an extremely organized fashion.  The plan was to separate ALL the ornaments, 1962 to present, into three boxes for the kids and one for us.  I admitted yesterday that today, we get it back to the barn in its current unkempt state.  I’ve spent a lot of time where I am now.  In my chair, considering action.  Maybe 2022 will be the year.

2022 will be the year we get back to business. 2022 will be the year our stress level can dip below ACK.  By 2022, I hope to reach my health goals, despite needing more, not less pills and sleep.  In 2022, our family will be bigger and stronger.  In 2022, I will travel – as much as possible, with lots of visits.  In 2022, Genesee Parkway, LLC will (finally) be closer to where we’re heading.

The Inn will finally fly in 2022.  It’s really nice.  Not Ritz, but really nice.  Nice enough that we’ll be adding The Arzberger Room, honoring my family, on the ground floor soon.  I’m sure we’ll fill when the world isn’t nuts.  Our staff is exceptional, and we keep improving.  I’m extremely proud of our quaint, pre-civil war inn and I just love welcoming guests to my hometown.

TOGH will finally have a shot.  We started good and constantly improve.  It’s been rough.  Whew.  Please try us.  We cook real, local food.  Burgers, flat breads, salads, & desserts that are house made and really good.  We have a crew that’s committed to customer service & consistency.  We welcome Chef Paul, who will add the experience & cool specials we need to move forward. We’re planning tents and outdoor events for the spring and summer.  We’ll improve our bar.  We’ll invite guests indoors at 50% capacity with live, local music Saturday 5-7 beginning in March.  We follow best practice for covid safety for everyone’s safety.  We are doing our best to remain vibrant during these dark days for restaurants.

Beef ribs, potatoes and broccoli

SMOKED & BRAISED BEEF SHORT RIBS with whipped Yukon Gold potatoes, natural au jus & roasted broccoli.

2022, that is when it’ll get done.  We’re tired now.  It’s okay. Until then, fake it till you make it – Be proud that we’ve made it to now.  Grieving is hard, earning money is hard, not knowing when this will end is hard.  Vaccinations, politics, & civil unrest are out of our control, and hard.  If we make good choices every day, it must get easier, right?  Take care of yourself, your family, and your neighbors.   Things we have more control of.  Treat yourself to healthy food, stretching, a massage, facial, mani/pedi.  Buy a new something locally as safely as possible.  Making good choices is easier when you’re loose with polished extremities.  Trust me.

Be well,


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