Deliberate Living in Cuba, NY

I’ve been struggling to get this done.  Annette, my marketing liaison, and everyone in the inn universe has been prodding me to write an inn blog.  I don’t enjoy writing. I can, but it’s work-work.  I’m going to write for an hour when my grandson’s down for a nap in Pittsburgh.  The topic will be how I’ve lived deliberately lately, covering anyone and anything that I’m passionate about.  Sometimes, that may be political, from my perspective.  Now that I have a plan, I’ll get started and see how it goes.

woman with baby boy

Marlene and Grandson, Charlie

I’m a 57 year old capitalist hippy with one younger sister who grew up in Cuba, NY.  I’ve been married for 33 years to my three children’s father.   We met when his family moved down the street when we were in sixth grade.  He and I worked side by side for 15 years and built a wonderful life.  He’s happily retired, and I own and operate both The Inn at 28 and The Old Grey Hound.  I also travel back and forth to Pittsburgh to care for our first grandchild, Charlie.  I’ve enjoyed most of every job I’ve had.  I love the challenge and freedom of working on my terms with the associated risks. 

Work exclusively in the private sector, owning businesses, and growing up in Cuba, NY has shaped me to the unapologetically optimistic, opinionated person I am.  I don’t normally embrace County Marketing Initiatives, but now is the occasion.  I don’t know how this happened, but “live deliberately” is kinda my jam.  I’m the one who doesn’t fit into generalizations.  In social psychological experiments, I’m the one who does the other thing.  Anyway, is that from growing up in Allegany County?  Or because I’ve chilled as an old grandma? Am I who I am because this life has been difficult as a woman in Appalachia, or easy because of my WASP upbringing?  I’ll share how easy and wonderful it is to live and work in Allegany County, NY deliberately.  Whatever that means. 

Peace and blessings,


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