Adventures, About Us, and Why We Love Innkeeping!

A man and a woman hiking with snow and rocky mountains behind themThis is the hubs and I on Pike’s Peak.  We had a nice vacation by rail in Colorado.  What a wonderful stuff adventure!.  Travel + Home + Work = LIFE!  I hope to share the great experiences I have and mix in some stories of our dear guests.  Amazing people from amazing places along with the super-amazing people and stories of Cuba, NY.  Plus, dogs, chickens, food, gardening, and the joys of small town USA.  

About Me!

Shawn and I celebrate 32 eventful years of marriage this August.  We worked side by side for 15 years and have three grown, practically perfect, children. He and I live with our perfect blonde, curly, waggy, golden doodle, Petri on Cuba Lake.  Shawn works at the company who bought our medical device company in 2014.  He’s a handsome brainiac, and we compliment each other.

Our daughter and her husband are expecting our first grandchild in September.  He’s in his 3rd year of Duquesne Law and she teaches middle school reading in Pittsburgh.  Our older son is back in Cuba, where he and I are working side by side to open a pub, The Old Grey A white large dog and three smaller brown and white dogs in a kitchen with birthday hats onHound, on an adjacent lot of the inn property.  His Boston Terrier, Stella, is the best snuggle, tennis ball obsessed dog anywhere.  Our younger son, a construction manager, lives in Virginia with his remarkable girlfriend who teaches adaptive PE, and our grand dog, Boris, an expressive Old English bulldog.  (My sister’s beagle/bassett rescue is the other dog in the photo) I couldn’t be more proud of our family, both nuclear and extended.  

A group of people, men and women standing on a beach with blue skies and ocean behind themWe vacationed in Panama City Beach with 5-18 rotating Doyle family members last week.  We are so blessed.  Just when I think my heart couldn’t be fuller, along comes a new grandchild or dog to make the future even brighter.  Catching up with our nieces and nephews in the sun and plans to see family here, there, or anywhere makes life full.  Our parents return to Cuba in the next month from their winter homes and look forward to many more memories with them.  Our hearts are full!

Why the Inn?   

Behind family and dogs, meaningful work is my passion.  I would never have imagined a better position than I held at Sterilator alongside my husband.  But, ya know, it happened!  I’m using my QA, financial, and management background, along with a bunch of our nest egg to create my next best position, owner operator of The Inn at 28 and The Old Grey Hound.  I’m surrounding myself with the best folks with the best situations for each of them.  I’m investing in the future of my family, employees, and the community I love.  The inn and pub strive for a quality, local, fresh experience each time you stop by. 

I wouldn’t expect to find another dream staff like we had at Sterilator from little town, USA, but here we go!  I’ll introduce staff next blog post!  They’re local, fresh & quality too!  😊

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